Our mission

What if event organizers could find a space for inspiration regarding the content of their future event?

What if this space was focused on the intelligence 🧠 distributed during these events?

What if we could speed up contact and make contact easier?

🚀 This is what we have been aiming for since the first day of this adventure.

We have therefore built a platform so that you, the speakers, can reference yourselves 📔 on the one hand, and so that event producers can identify 🔍 the future speakers they want to stage on the other hand.

And the adventure only grows, over the meetings, new needs, desires of each other. You will therefore discover here the different aspects of our mission alongside the speakers and masters of ceremonies.

What looked like the speaker’s tinder in 2017, becomes much more a human adventure around public speaking 📣.

📌 We support future speakers.
📌 We collaborate with everyone to try to make paid conferences a reality
📌 We take care of the negotiations and all the administrative aspects
📌 We work in “agent” mode for power-speakers

We obviously remain at your disposal: contact@lespeakers.com



Most speakers love this profession because it offers endless 🌍🌎🌏 exploration. Always something to discover, a new technique to acquire, a training to deepen…

We have often responded by organizing masterclasses at the request of some of you.
Sometimes face-to-face 👩‍👦‍👦, sometimes online 💻, sometimes in hybrid.

Discover the new masterclass proposed by Olga Ciesco: “How to get your first speaker contract when you start from scratch”


Let’s talk

Hello 🖐 Hello 🖐
We regularly organize talks
For 2023 to be a great year for conferences 🎤

We offer your a monthly “meeting chat” between enthusiasts.

===> A monday evening at 9pm on zoom.

The first appointments, during last quarter of 2022, were sometimes a bit long (up to 2h30). We are all talkative.

So we’re going to aim for maximum 1h30 for the next ones.

And we will focus on one (or two) subject(s) that you will choose collectively

To receive invitations, it’s here 👉 : Fill the Form

Between two chats, we have a whatsapp group

And finally, note the address of our Zoom 💻 


Sign Up

IT is the challenge of putting your talent online that must ignite the imagination of the event organizer.

Take special care to describe yourself, to illustrate your profile 👫 with photos 📸 or even better with videos 🎥 of you on stage.

Once your speaker profile created, describe your conference(s)   🎙 ready for the public. We are talking here about Talks.

For your information most customers ask for 45-minute speeches  followed by a Q&A phase