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Je suis passionnée par l'anticipation des risques, dont les risques pédocriminels et numériques. Je témoigne des nouvelles approches et technologies utiles pour la défense des enfants et des petits. J'ai organisé de nombreuses réunions et events sur la cyber : le picnic pop cyber, Paris Story Cyber, Le Thi Studio Cyber. J'ai été invitée à parler du sujet cyber par exemple au MEDEF :, à Bercy : ou au CLUSIF.


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We want to organize a research symposium on the fight against pedo and nepio-crime* including anthropologists, computer scientists etc... * Child sexual abuse can happen to children of all ages, including those who are not yet able to speak properly. It is important to recognize that abuse of very young children may have different characteristics and consequences than abuse of older children. Now that the digital revolution demonstrated that humanity encompasses pedo-crime behavior at a huge scale, it is time to set up an international symposium with the best anthropologists, crime specialists, neurologists, and all related fields to try and find new approaches to defend children against pedo-crime and nepio-crime (0-5 years old). We will gather the high-tech communities who are also part of the solution. It's urgent to set up a system where abuse is impossible, the defense strategy being more demanding in the pre-verbal cases. The objective of this Symposium is to design a complete organizational and technological system to prevent pedo and nepio-crime. Structuring a system to prevent acting out, to thwart pedocriminal plans, to counter their strategies, to unveil their operating methods upstream, in anticipation, predictively. This defense strategy is more demanding in the case of pre-verbal children's sexual abuse, as pre-verbal children are particularly vulnerable, and once abuse has happened they cannot communicate the abuse in a way that can be easily understood by adults. This can make it more difficult to prevent, detect abuse and to gather evidence, but it is not impossible by building up strict standards and sharing the pedo-crime risk analysis methodology. We are setting up a Scientific Committee to build a transversal congress whose focus will be on nepio-crime and pedo-crime. We are making a "world panorama" of the best organizations, methods, tools of the Authorities / Private Sector / NGOs. In the end, we will structure a complete and international ecosystem with the public and private sectors, social entrepreneurs, associations, NGOs, etc. Child sexual abuse is a crime and needs to be reported, and perpetrators need to be held accountable for their actions and get the appropriate help.

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