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Reporter de guerre & anthropologue


- I like the idea that beauty or let's say aesthetic emotion is healing energy. Aesthetic emotion stimulates our instinct for survival: not just for the purpose of mating and perpetuating the species that posed the beauty of adornment as a weapon of seduction throughout the animal kingdom so that s generation operates and life flows in time ... Aesthetic emotion is one of the booster of life. This I observed before finding out what science confirmed: and it is because I have experienced it in my flesh, in theaters of war or in the hospital in a cancer care unit, or even during beauty workshops organized for unemployed women, which I want to tell you about. At the sight of a beautiful image, whether it is reflected by a real fact or substitute for reality (which the human brain fails to distinguish), the "aesthetic shock" awakens your hormones of happiness. The very ones that increase your chances of survival. These 4 hormones, dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin are said to be "happiness" because they are accompanied by pleasant sensations and emotions. Loretta Breuning, Professor of Management at California State University has written a book on this subject "Our Hormones of Happiness Shown". If the vision of beauty helps ensure our survival, then without beauty, than would we be? ! It is often said "without beauty, life would not be worth living". So, if beauty saves us, I believe it becomes urgent to help save beauty! The beauty of the world, the beauty of humans, the beauty of the landscapes, the beauty in its natural diversity. So, we are beings thirsty for beauty, and we are also beings of images. And I am going to tell you how images oriented my destiny. We are imaginary beings who create the world by the force of our imagination. We create our life by collecting images in which we project ourselves, we decide to embody ourselves. From photographs to photographs I have taken around the world, I take you to explore the power of beauty images and their healing power.

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