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Formateur et conférencier : mondes numériques (metaverse) et data

Embrace The Opportunities Of The Algorithmic Economy

Look at your washing machine! It’s the dawn of the algorithmic revolution. You don’t care about temperature, number of rinses and spin speed. You just put your dirty clothes and it works! Our entire world will tomorrow run like your washing machine. During the industrial revolution, we automatized manual work. We replaced craftsmen by assembly lines; and today, robots are helping or replacing humans in many factories. Algorithms are the robots of the information era. Accountants, lawyers, traders, doctors, salesmen, information workers and even perhaps programmers will be helped, or replaced by algorithms. After the Data Driven Economy, Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0 will generate more and more data. Connected objects will generate data, and algorithms will be the key to create value from these Geopbytes of data.  The future will not be managed by data scientists, but by algorithms scientists, who will transform data into previsions and actions. How to transform your organization and these opportunities into dollars, that is the question. The Algorithmic Economy will bring new business models. As a manager of a traditional company, you need to embrace this evolution, right now, or you will be "algorithmed". Conférence disponible en Français - Speech available in English - Puedo dar la charla en español tambien ;-)

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