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Scientific Researcher chez Hochschule Fulda

How to change the world with words

The presentation develops from a common ground between philosophy and business theory: the invention of new words. Okay, philosophers and business scholars do not invent the same words. While the business world has seen words like lean and agile management or holistic project management, recent philosophy came up with terms such as accelerationism and speculative realism. These words do not have anything in common and yet, the reason behind the invention of new words is the same. Thus the presentation asks: Why do we invent new words in philosophy and in business? What is at stake in the invention of words? What is the power of words? And finally what do powerful words actually do? The presentation analyses the power of words by giving some examples which reach from banal to more sophisticated expressions as the power of words counts as much for expressions such as Sandwich or Bistro as it counts for more serious ones like Human Rights or the subconsciousness. With the help of the history of these words the presentation shows how words become concepts and as such translate into social practices that transform our way of acting and interacting. So words that come out of fashion also come along with the decline of certain social practices and successfull words often encounter resistence not because people do not like the word, but because these words change their world.

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