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Leadership and Communication Consultant

How to lead in the future of work

All managers - experienced or new - want to be the best possible guide for their teams, it’s not easy. You need to deal with different approaches, communication styles and expectations of your roles. Most importantly you need to work on yourself while at the same time keeping the business running. It’s difficult, very much so. I’ve witnessed those changes first hand, in scaleups and corporates, and I’ve been working with them to enable their managers to keep up with those changes and be more effective. What I have seen is that there are at least 4 areas that can enable managers to develop into what the rest of the team needs - during this talk I’d like to share them with you. At the end you will have a clear idea of what tools and processes can work in leadership, how to trigger them and how to build on them. Most importantly, you will not have to struggle to understand and lead your team, but you’ll have time and energy to focus on building something better with them.

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