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Leadership and Communication Consultant

Leadership, Teamwork and Improvisation - steal from the best

What can you learn from comedians that will make you better at your job? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Take improvisers: they take the stage every night without an idea of what they’ll do, yet they perfectly design, communicate, and execute a process in real time that leaves their clients happy with the show. It’s not magic, it’s a different approach to teamwork, developed through decades of user testing, and that is what this session is about. In the session we’ll go through all the secrets that give improvisers an edge and enable you to bring them back to your own team to: 1. Be one step ahead and recognize issues before they hit your team. 2. Feel resilient in navigating chaos—and guide others through it. 3. Inspire others and gain their trust. 4. Ideate, iterate, and execute faster. We’ll be looking at how this all works in practice, and give you a chance to try it out for yourself!

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