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Leadership and Communication Consultant

Re-engage your teams the right way

Everyone wants to rebuild engagement and regain their teams' trust. But it won't happen by itself. - Companies want to bring people back in, no matter what - People are burned out out after this past year. - Moving back to the office a few days means losing out on private life. - People are angry, burned out, resentful, and stats say 41% is ready to quit. - Mass quitting means lost projects, lost revenue and mass recruiting effort. “We already went through a lot this year, getting people engaged shouldn't be yet another struggle - it's not right" This is what we are thinking: me, you, your teams and your C-level. - I’ve actually seen this happen before: a mass quitting after a new work model. - I’ve seen the burden on HR and the hit on culture. - I've also seen the opposite, i.e. what kept everyone in the office, the different factor, what made it work. And it’s not rocket science, as long as you have a few points in place, and in this talk I’d love to share them with you

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