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Speaker & Author on the End of Complexity®

the End of Complexity

After 20 years of consulting across the world – BCG Sydney, Chicago, Dubai – I have recently started running seminars for senior-executives… with a focus on the End of Complexity®. Complex Insight (strategies), Intent (organizations) and Impact (execution) have overwhelmed decision-making circles. The classical approaches focusing on complexity management did not succeed, leading to more complexity, and a vicious circle of organizational under-performance, personal and group stress. I take a radically different perspective. You see, it is too complex to manage complexity® - you need to end it, now! The seminars on Insight (strategy), Intent (organization), Impact (execution) are designed to help senior decision-makers fight back this complexity disease. We’re talking about 2 hour conferences, 1-2 days seminars, etc. More on https://www.rendstephan.com for a clear description of the End of Complexity, blog articles, suggested conference / speaking topics, subscription to newsletter, etc...

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