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Chantal NERI

CEO Business.Scaling, EU Expert & Exec. Advisor

FAST FORWARD ! Silicon Valley's success recipe

Top global rankings are dominated by US companies. Many are Silicon Valley grown. They share the same efficient practices. What are these? How to use them to your own benefit? How to leverage them with your values? Utterly practical, this talk aims to bring the conquering vision and methods of Silicon Valley to all disruptors and strivers of the world. Bursting with ideas and real-life examples, buzzing with positive energy from start to finish, this fun-filled talk presents the best proven strategies to create an uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant, regardless of your company size or sector. This talk and the book "Fast Forward" available on Amazon comes from the author’s field experience in Silicon Valley and in Europe. A Ph.D in Material Sciences and a HEC Paris graduate, Chantal Neri has been engaged in innovation for 25+ years. Her mission, through her company BUSINESS.SCALING, is to help companies “scale technology into profitable business”. She speaks, writes, trains and advises CEOs on entrepreneurship, growth strategies, performance, marketing and innovation. More info: www.chantalneri.com

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