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Executive Coach -Auteur - Conférencière

Leadership for disruption

I am executive coach and lecturer. I share today, in the cabinet that I have founded "Innovation Blossom", my 25 years as a Top leader and executive in large and innovatives companies and my experience of more than a dozen radical transformations at France Telecom Orange( Cnet, FTR&D, OrangeLab, Orange Gardens and Technocentre creation...) then the launch of the "digital revolution" at L'Oréal R&I. Today I speak as an evangelist of the necessity to change the cultural way of companies( small or large , it's only a size effect!) to take advantage of the Digital and transform threat in opportunity.Innovation is a key leverage to adapt systems and people.Incremental innovation permiss to adapt but disruptive innovation permiss to make the difference and create new values.And we know now that technological innovation is disruptive! To be adapted to the disruptive innovation, all employees have to change their way of being in the company; it supposes to develop the right part of the brain , the emotional intelligence due to the need to develop new behaviors as openess, agility, transversality... it is a new challenge for the managers they have to turn their "hierarchical power status" in "influential leadership", and even more with the new generations. What are the key of success? You'll find in my speech! I give conferences for companies like Orange, Total, BNP Paribas Wealth Management,Crédit Agricole, CNP Assurances, Sham Assurances ... and give courses in "Management of Innovation" at La Sorbonne Master 2 "Innovation and Management of Technologies" and for the Executive MBA of Paritech Les Mines on "Leadership Development for Disruption".

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